Download Fat Farming Girl Today!

This game is rated 14+ and contains language, violence, and sexual situations that some people may find offensive.

  • Raise goats and create a profitable farm!
  • Make delicious food and sell it in town!
  • Scavenge around for wild growing fruit!
  • Take on extra farming chores in town!
  • Neat original graphics!
  • Multiple endings.

A plump farmer is about to lose her home and her farm! She's a little bit slow and lazy and needs you to help her turn her life around. Can you help her make a profit, get married, and find happiness! Perhaps you can help her find an easy way out by doing something sinister...

Romp around in a lollipop world with cotton candy trees and chocolate houses. Can you save the town from the greedy banker who wants to take everyone's house?

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Requirements: Windows 95/XP/Vista/7 (Some people have had success running this game on MACs through Virtual PC.)

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