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  • Balance Your Work Life with Dating in Tokyo!
  • 4 Cute Guys to Date and Dress Up!
  • Shopping, Cooking (Obento), and Other Fun Things to Do.
  • Learn Something About Yourself and Your Dating Preferences.
  • Plot Twists that You Will NEVER See Coming!

Get Host Holic 1.1!

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Please note that there may be a few bugs in there somewhere. If you find one, send us an e-mail so we can get them all! We will send you the gold version when it's complete.

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About the Game

Please note: This game contains mild sexual themes and may not be appropriate for children under 16.

You travel to Japan for one year to teach English, and quickly become culture shocked by the dating scene in downtown Tokyo. After a few failed attempts at blind and Internet dating, you decide to try your luck at the most popular host club in town.

Manage your daily life as a foreign teacher in Tokyo by controlling your wild students and maximizing your return rate to ensure your performance bonus. Can you balance your job and navigate this new dating world?

Discover the secrets to becoming a successful teacher by day, and surround yourself by a group of professional playboys at night in this original and exciting dating-sim and time management game.

FAQ: Is there a Mac or Linux version?

You may be able to play this on Mac or Linux using Wine, Bootcamp, or VMware, but this is not something that we currently support.

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